The Athenian Academy

It is my hope to offer a unique resource in the RVA homeschooling community. While our family is dependent on class fees as a means of supporting my children's education and household expenses, I want to serve my community. I feel that I can meet my family's financial needs, while still offering opportunities and a resource to my community at a price that is obtainable for many. I have done a bunch of prayerful consideration on what this needs to look like. I have considered what alternative opportunities cost in our area. I have considered what the material costs are for each class. The result of all of this pondering is a significant reduction in class fees for many classes I teach.

This price drop does mean that I can't teach extremely small classes (think 3 or 4 students). I can't accommodate refunds for students who drop part way through the year. By charging a lower fee, I am hopeful that your family will not take the point of view that your commitment to the course should be lower. My experience as a teacher and my education support a serious approach. While the fees are low, these are serious classes designed to support your student's future educational endeavors, so their attendance and commitment to at-home assignments is critical. It is also my hope that those able to afford a higher price class wouldn't take the perspective that this is a "bargain basement" class and you "get what you pay for." There are more costly opportunities available in our community, but I would suggest that it has been my experience (based on my children's participation in classes taught by others) that a high price tag does not always equate to a quality experience.

You will find that science classes in particular are priced at about 40%-60% less than other classroom opportunities. It is my hope that this will ensure that many families who could not otherwise access lab sciences, will not be able to offer their children the opportunity. PLEASE, if you find that the class is still outside of your budget, get in touch. There may still be options that will allow you to participate. My family has been blessed through those who have shared their gifts generously, and whenever I am able to, I hope to pass it on.

Each class will include a non-refundable material/lab fee deposit. This fee will be used to save your seat in the class.  When necessary, this deposit can be divided into two installments that can be paid over the summer.  This fee cannot be refunded as it provides me the resources to purchase supplies and materials for the year.  

All class fees can be paid as a one-time payment in full or through monthly payments.  Students who withdraw prior to September 1st will be eligible for a refund of any class fees paid - this does NOT include the material/supply fee deposit which is nonrefundable.  Families that opt for monthly payment options will have an online family account page which they can use to submit payments throughout the year.  Payments must be received in a timely manner each month (no later than the fifth of each month) or additional late charges will be added.  Accounts that are more than a month behind will face suspension until payments are caught up or payment arrangements are made.

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To hold your seat when registering, select NONREFUNDABLE Material/Lab Fee Deposit item for classes you are choosing to participate in.  This will hold your seat in the class until the first of September when class fee payment must be submitted.  If you need to divide your deposit into two installments email me at to set that up.  Your first installment will hold your seat, and your second installment will have a due date of August 15th to hold that seat.  Neither installment is refundable.

Monthly Payment Options are available.  To choose this option, select "Payment Plan Setup (will be applied to first payment)" when registering.  You will be charged $1 which will be applied towards your first months payment.  The monthly payment amount is indicated.  Your first monthly payment will be due September 1st.  Class fees will continue to be due the first of each month through May.  A personalized payment page will be created once you have submitted your request.

Class Fee Payments will be due in full on September 1st in order to continue to hold your seat.  If your payment is not received, you will be withdrawn from the class unless you have selected the Monthly Payment Option.  If you are withdrawn from the class, your deposit will NOT be refunded.

2017-2018 Class Schedule

 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Compressed Chemistry



11:30-12:00 High School Biology
Middle School Physics
12:00-12:30         Continued       
12:30-1:00          Continued              Continued      
 1:00-1:30 High School Literature

Compressed Biology


2:00-2:30        Continued        

2:30-3:00 HumanitiesCompressed Psychology
 3:00-3:30      Continued        
 3:30-4:00       Continued