The Athenian Academy

AAR MUN 2016-2017 Conference Schedule

The attached schedule is subject to change based on registration and participation.  Conference fees are not refundable except in the case off conference cancellation.  Please note in many cases the expense associated with the conference includes hotel and travel expenses beyond the stated conference fee.  Hotel fees have been provided (based on quadruple occupancy) for conference sponsored hotel rates.  Please note conference dates.  Whenever possible current information has been provided.  However, in some instances information for the upcoming conference is unavailable. In those cases information for the most recent past conference has been provided.  This information should allow you to roughly approximate expenses and dates for the upcoming year


All students will be provided a conference commitment form which must be signed and returned as soon as possible.  This will allow me to confirm sufficient interest in proposed conferences and make decisions about conference registration.  Please note "minimum participants" number.  We will not participate in conferences with participation below these numbers.  This will tend to be 5 student minimum for out of area conferences and 4 student minimum for in town conferences.  As it is necessary for me to attend all conferences, I need to require a minimum level of participation to justify time, travel and hotel expenses.

The information for each conference indicates which grade level the conference is appropriate for.  In very rare instances, middle schoolers may be considered for participation high school conferences.  High schoolers may never attend middle school conferences.

Finally, please note that there are no fees indicated for GSMUN (Maggie Walker Governor's School Model UN conference).  It is expected that students will participate in this local conference unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Please mark this date on your calendar and contact me as soon as possible if you will not be participating.

Conference     Date   Pmt Hotel     Min
Name Sponsor Location Start End  Fee  Deadline rm/night HS MS Part
VAMUN University of Virginia Charlottesville 11/18/2016 11/20/2016  $100 10/1/2016 79* X   2
Walker Model Congress Maggie L. Walker Governor's School Richmond 2/17/2017 2/18/2018  $28* 12/1/2016 N/A X X 4
WMIDMUN College of William & Mary Williamsburg 2/24/2017 2/26/2017  $65 12/1/2016 89*   X 5
GSMUN Maggie L. Walker Governor's School Richmond 3/10/2016* 3/11/2016* $30* N/A N/A X X 4

*Estimated date or fee.