The Athenian Academy

Private Tutoring

While group classes offer a lot of opportunities that can't be achieved through one on one instructions, sometimes private tutoring is an excellent option to supplement group classes, at-home instruction or independent learning.  

I offer private instruction at my home, yours or at another location (i.e. library, cafe, etc.).  I have experience working with children ages 11 and up in all subjects including:  public speaking, composition, literature, mathematics (pre-algebra and up), science and social studies.  I have worked with gifted and children with learning obstacles.  When working with children who learn outside of the box, I work off hours to design materials and approaches to meet the students particular learning style.

I do require a minimum meeting time of an hour per week and do charge for no-shows or late cancellations.  Appointments can be rescheduled to accommodate vacations and other planned conflicts.  Fees are paid in advance on the first of the month.  

Monthly tutoring rates vary depending on location, material to be covered and number of students.